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About us

ExIm Pacific company is founded in 2008. The company's core business is import of foods and beverages from Southeast Asian countries, China and Japan to the Russian Federation with their subsequent delivery to restaurants, hotels and stores.

Today the company is one of the major importers of original Asian foodstuff into the Russian Federation. We provide our customers a full service, which enables them to get over challenges caused by forwarding documents required, availability of particular products or consistency of their quality. Direct supply contracts with the leading Asian producers and substantial volume of purchases allow us to offer our clients the best prices on the market.

In addition, our offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Bangkok are always ready to fulfill purchase order for delivery of any products, which are out of stock in Moscow, with their appropriate certification and maintaining minimal required quantity in our warehouse.

We are always glad to supply our consumers with foods and beverages, as well as to give all necessary relevant advice and to share our experience and knowledge on the variety of products used in Asian cuisine.