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Food show


On 27-29 November 2015 the brightest and tastiest family festival Food Show was held in exhibition and convention center Sokolniki. It was the only place, where you could find so much tasty food, fantastic entertainment and pleasant shopping.

A tradefair was arranged in two halls for people who were preparing for New Year Holidays and were seeking gifts for relatives and friends. There were appliances, dishware, textile, souvenirs, foods and beverages which fit every even the most fastidious taste. Dessert hall attracted visitors by aromas of vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate from stalls with fresh pastry and confectionery.

Festival's honor is a Farm market. You could buy the freshest products from local farms. There also was mini-zoo Lukino where goats, rabbits and domestic fowl were shown to children.

Famous chiefs explained how to use bought products in cooking. They worked at different cooking venues: Choco-Show, “Gastronome” magazine's cookery, Farm cookery “Good House”, “Food Network”.

All fans of health lifestyle and those who want to lose weight could visit “Healthy food” venue and listen to great dietitians and chefs explaining how to lose weight correctly and make healthy food tasty. Rimma Moisenko, Marianna Trifonova, Fedor Anderzshanov, Julia Chekhonina and many other famous dietitians were open for talking, so everybody could get an answer to his question.

Food Show was a real paradise for children. While adults were buying, tasting, learning how to cook and enjoyed, children had a great time in Avenue of Air Castles and attractions. They could also become real chiefs at workshops from Cooking School for children.