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Burning Man Moscow Decompression



Official event of legend festival Burning Man Moscow Decompression, which is held in the end of August in Black Rock desert, Nevada and always consolidates the best creative people from all around the world, was held in Moscow on 28 November the third time.

Decompression traditionally helps its participants, like deep divers, to dip into the atmosphere of art and abandoned hilarity and get into the spirit and philosophy of the legendary festival.

Every year Burning Man Decompression is organized by volunteers and artists based on ideological platform of the festival, which foundations are: radical self-expression, radical involvement, no profit and commerce, common efforts, self-containment, donation, civil responsibility, with no harm to nature, right here, right now. 

The radical self-expression atmosphere of Burning Man will be underlined by art-installations of modern Russian artists: Anna Panfilova, Andrey Timofeev, Alexander Salzmann, Alexander Lisov, Veronika Shilyaeva, Dmitry Zubkov, Danil Remizov, Misak Samokatian, Nelli Hilchenko, Kirill Markushin, Marusya Borisova, Maksim Emelianov, Oksana Veselkova, Pavel Kisilevsky, Polina Gnezdilova, Krutikova Anna, Roman Krylov, Sergey Pushkin, Semen Yasinsky’s Live metal Studio, art team “TAKOE”, Egr Nagaen, Snow kitchen, Quantum Tribe, Maria Curly, MyNameIsSpace, Misa Rygova, GoGoGospody, Creativ Faction Zaprosto, Art team WHISPER, visual laboratory ST 25, Inventors from Varenye organizm, and also permanent participants of Margo Trushina’s Festival and TOT:SPOT team. QBIK team and Eventsupport company are responsible for the construction and upgrading infrastructure of the venue this year, walls are designed with graffiti by NRA crew. You can also see visuals from Vadim Bioman, Andrey Flat, SPAM and media-installations by Unshift Kuzov, Andrey Khanov, Esha Rodkin, Gleb Nechaev, Dmitry Fedorenko.