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5th international exhibition of ecological and organic products EcoCityExpo



5th international exhibition of ecological and organic products EcoCityExpo
20-22 November 2015 Moscow Exhibition Complex Tishinka

EcoCityExpo – is an effective venue for expansion of contacts, exchanging experience with collegues, knowing about relevant trends in eco-market.

The aim of EcoCityExpo: popularization and promotion of eco-consumption ideas in Russia, bringing together on one platform manufacturers, retailers and consumers of natural goods, products and services.

Subjects of the exhibition: EcoCityExpo cover various areas of life in eco-style.

EcoFood | Organic food and beverages.
• Organic food
• Organic beverages
• Diet food
• Natural food supplements
• Ingredients and raw materials for production of healthy food
• Eco-restaurants, eco-cafes

EcoBeauty | New developments in organic and natural products in beauty, cosmetics and fasion.
• Natural cosmetics for personal use
• Professional organic products
• Natural cosmetics for men
• Hygiene products
• Goods for health
• Eco-clothes, eco-textiles
• Eco-foot wear
• Eco-accessories

EcoHouse | All for the construction, renova tion and arrangement of environmentally friendly housing.
• Natural household cleaners and cleaning funds
• Houses made of natural materials
• Houseware from ecologically clean materials
• Furniture from natural materials
• Furniture, interior items
• Bio packaging
• Goods for pets

EcoChildren | Eco products for children and mothers.
• Natural baby food
• Natural cosmetics for children
• Eco-clothes for children
• Eco-foot wear for children
• Eco-toys for children
• Eco-furniture for children
• Eco products for expectant mother